Canadian Centennial College Visited Nursing College
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On April 22, Li Jin, who is in charge of international affairs at Canadian Centennial College, and her two assistants visited Nursing College. Yanghong, dean of the foreign affairs office of CQMU, Ruan Lili and Zhou Jianrong, assistant deans of Nursing College met guests.

In the morning, Ruan Lili chaired a friendly negotiation with the three representatives from Centennial College on the One plus Two Program for college students’ exchange. The two colleges discussed details on the program cooperation involving long-distant education, nursing education, English evaluation, students enrolling, teachers exchange visits and academic developing.

The talks achieved an inspiriting consequence. The two parties reached an agreement on launch the One plus Two Program this July. That is, the Nursing College of CQMU would enroll college students for this specialty: One plus Two Program.

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